LOOM Weaving – Armenian knitwear brand founded by sisters Inga and Elen Manukyan in 2014. Each item is a unique piece created by mixing handmade knitting techniques with modern style and as a result receiving cozy and cute, bold and bright, ultra-fashionable and fabulous products.

LOOM has developed its own style, that is feminine, unique, modern and at the same time traditional. The looks are upscale and those once encountered with products would be easily distinguished, since the products call for style and individuality. The products are easily identifiable as high-quality ones by their looks, design, idea, handmade and natural yarns used.

LOOM Weaving was established with the aim to revive handmade national techniques and build a new route for Armenian knitwear production to design, develop, weave and above all create.

The brand is guided by the world fashion trends in developing exclusive design of knitwear, using original mixture of exquisite intarsia and the best natural yarn (wool, viscose, cotton, lurex, silk, etc.) in endless color combinations. To create a never-ending wardrobe, to reduce the waste of water, energy and yarns bearing in mind the importance of protecting our planet as well as supporting Made in Armenia community and artisanal direction LOOM reveals each step behind all of its products-from materials to labor and to the final product.

LOOM Weaving is committed to sustainability, core to the brand’s ethos to being a responsible, honest and modern company. High-performance, professionalism and artisanal handmade products done and delivered are the core values for LOOM Weaving.

Team’s inspiration comes from the beauty and uniqueness of our country, which has rich history and spiritual culture in weaving and knitting, the best example is carpet weaving.

The collections highlight the blend of crafty skills (patchwork, macramé, braids, crochet, jacquard, etc.) with different color ambiences. Joyful and vibrant colors have digital yet sophisticated shades with vital braid-pops adding otherworldly element to the whole image. Exclusive design highlights ethnic style elements, fantastic color combinations, patchwork knitting techniques and completely hand-embroidery.